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Essex Fishing & Angling Venues

Fishing & Angling Venues in Southend on Sea, Romford, Ilford, Basildon, Harlow, Chelmsford, Colchester

Asheldham Fishery

Run by Billericay and District Angling Club, this is an old sandpit in a wooded setting with several bays and areas of rush and lilies, making it one of the most picturesque of BDAC waters. Summer fishing is mainly for a large head of carp, with very good eels for the night anglers. The number and size of tench has increased recently, and roach, rudd, perch and chub are also present. Bank work has recently improved the space available to night anglers. Carp 23lbs, roach 1.5lbs, tench 4lbs. Short flight of steps from car park down to a solid flat lakeside.

Carp, Tench, Roach, Rudd, Perch, Chub

Contact Information

Web Site: Asheldham Fishery
 PO BOX 2046, Billericay, Essex, SS12 9YW.
 0844 335 3978

BarleyLands Farm, Crays Hill

Run by Billericay and District Angling Club, this is a well-established agricultural reservoir, which primarily caters for the carp angler. Three different fish over 30lbs were caught in the Autumn of 2009, with specimens over 20lbs taken by regular members. Those using normal carp baits will find they also catch large bream and the occasional tench. There has always been a good head of roach, which are not fished for regularly. Carp 33lbs, bream 12lbs. Very short walk from parking area to nearest swims. Night Fishing Allowed

Carp. Bream, Tench, Roach

Contact Information

Web Site: BarleyLands Farm, Crays Hill
 PO BOX 2046, Billericay, Essex, SS12 9YW.
 0844 335 3978

Bayeswater Fishing

On Bayeswater fishing site there are three lakes; the largest, with the island in the middle is the Syndicate Lake. The next biggest is the Day Ticket Lake and the smallest is the Trout/Stock Pond. The stock pond, at the time of writing, is strictly NO FISHING. It originally contained trout, all of which have since passed away. It will be used as a stock pond only in the near future with the intention of growing on further fish for Bayeswater Fishing lakes. Do not even dream of fishing this lake; the farmer`s house overlooks the site, and I`m in total agreement with him that anyone caught fishing will be expelled from the site, it really is a no go zone.

Carp, Roach, Rudd, Perch, Tench

Contact Information

Web Site: Bayeswater Fishing
 P.O Box 142, Benfleet, Essex, SS7 2WF.
 07746 050657

Bentley Fishery

Only 5 anglers are allowed on the lake at any one time. Bentley is a 3.5 acre 40 year old lake which sits nestled in the Essex countryside. The Essex lake offers 8 purpose built swims giving each fisherman ample room for bivvies and fishing equipment. Bentley provides a unique experience in carp fishing and boasts a stunning lake in essex, gorgeous views and many beautiful carp ready to be caught, this is truely a fishermens dream.


Contact Information

Web Site: Bentley Fishery
 Mores Lane, Bentley, Essex, CM14 5RU.
 07939 074089

Blunts Mere

Run by Chelmsford Angling Association For tickets and membership contact Emma Phillips. Blunts Mere at 2.7 acres is a picturesque mature gravel pit set in the Ulting Countryside. It has a good head of Carp averaging 8-15Ibs, with upper doubles and twenties becoming more regular. A 33Ib Common was landed last season (2011) with a good amount of 20`s to back it up. A good head of tench to 5lb 8oz are also present. Bag's of Rudd & Roach make this a great venue for the pleasure angler as well as the Specimen hunter in search of Crucian Carp and Perch around the 3Ib mark. A Crucian hybrid of nearly 5Ib was taken on the float in 2008. A perch of 4 lb 9 oz was caught a few years ago on waggler fished maggot.

Crucian Carp, Common Carp, Tench, Roach, Rudd, Perch

Contact Information

Web Site: Blunts Mere
 PO Box 11208, Chelmsford, Essex, CM1 9TX.
 07840 881970

Bobby George Lakes

Opening Times OPENING HOURS: 7AM – 7PM George Hall is set in 12 acres of natural woodland and boasts well stocked mixed fishing lakes set in ideal scenery and offers perfect conditions for a company or corporation looking for a peaceful relaxing days fishing with a maximum of 30 clients or colleagues (minimum 20 persons). George Hall offers a complete days fishing with a full English breakfast served on arrival in the Halls Dining Room and then it's off to the Lakes for your 5 - 6 hour match (packed lunch supplied). At the end of your fishing day it's back to the Bar Room for a hot and cold buffet, drinks and presentations. Bobby & Marie George will be your hosts.

Carp, Roach, Perch, Bream, Tench, Rudd, Chub

Contact Information

Web Site: Bobby George Lakes
 George Hall, Slough Lane,, Colchester, Essex, CO7 7RU.
 01206 231493

Boreham Mere

Run by Chelmsford Angling Association For tickets and membership contact Emma Phillips. Owned by the Association, the fishery is situated in 10 acres comprising 3 lakes, 6½, 1½ and ¼ acre plus 2 stock ponds (which are not fished). Main Lake and Back Lake restocked in 1996 and 1997 with 20,000 mixed species. With plenty of natural food and weed cover during the summer months fish are showing rapid growth. Carp stocked at 10-12lb. are now 25-30+ lb. Night fishing available with valid permit. Open for fishing from 1st May Main Lake (6½ acres) Tench 6lb, Bream 12lb, Perch 2lb, Carp 37lb, Pike 23lb. Large shoals of Rudd and Roach plus some large Eels. Back Lake (1½ acres) Common and Mirror Carp to double figures. Good Crucian Carp and quality Roach and Perch (4lb). Boreham Mere - Small Lake (¾ acre) Renee`s Pool Renamed in 2001 in memory of Irene Lewis. This was restocked during 1997 with Tench, Rudd, Crucian Carp. Quite a weedy lake, but clearing a small area can produce a good days sport.

Common Carp, Mirror Carp, Crucian Carp, Tench, Bream, Perch, Carp, Pike, Rudd, Roach, Eels

Contact Information

Web Site: Boreham Mere
 PO Box 11208, Chelmsford, Essex, CM1 9TX.
 07840 881970

Braxted Back Lake

Run by Chelmsford Angling Association For tickets and membership contact Emma Phillips. Depths to 18 ft this little gem has it all, deep margins, overhanging bushes, big weed beds, gravel bars, silt pockets. Within its beautiful clear water lurk some of the best, most sort after commons in Essex. with at least a dozen over 30lb+. There are only a few mirrors one of which is knocking 30lb and there is another 2 at 20lb+. Also there is a number of smaller carp coming through from mid doubles down to 3lb mark all in perfect condition, good quality boilies can be the winning method along with good location. Also present are a number of specimen Tench which hang around the 9lb mark but have been out at over the magical 10lb. Again there are a number of smaller specimens which thrive in this rich environment. The Back Lake can also be a good day float fishing with good Roach, Rudd & Perch to catch and a few Eels as well. A large padded unhooking mat is advisable for this lake to protect these beautiful creatures.

Common Carp, Tench, Roach, Rudd, Perch, Eels

Contact Information

Web Site: Braxted Back Lake
 PO Box 11208, Chelmsford, Essex, CM1 9TX.
 07840 881970

Braxted Front Lake

Run by Chelmsford Angling Association For tickets and membership contact Emma Phillips. With depths to 20ft in a pretty much featureless lake this well sheltered spot is home to at least two 30lb + commons and plenty of 20lb + fish to keep anyone happy. Marginal shelves / close to reeds can pay dividends or good quality boilies / method mix in middle can also give good results on the right day. The lake also has a good number of Tench 7lb, Bream 6lb+, Roach to 1.08lb and Eels. An excellent lake for any method of angling. Large padded unhooking mat also advisable. Lake Record: 35lb

Common Carp, Tench, Bream, Roach, Eels

Contact Information

Web Site: Braxted Front Lake
 PO Box 11208, Chelmsford, Essex, CM1 9TX.
 07840 881970

Braxted Reservoir

Run by Chelmsford Angling Association For tickets and membership contact Emma Phillips. Depths slowly fall from 3 - 18ft at the Dam in this 6 acre lake. The fish like to move about quite a lot so location is the upmost importance. A lot of methods work well in the Reservoir, from good quality boilies, method mix, pellets and particles to name a few. Biggest common can go to 39lb at the right time of year, and mirrors in the high 20`s fish are a plenty. There is an excellent chance of landing one of its many 20lb + residents and with carp right through the scale there is something for everyone. Also present are 6lb + Tench, shoals of good Rudd / Roach and lots of up and coming small specimens mainly tench. Lake Record: 41lb

Mirror Carp, Common Carp, Tench, Rudd, Roach

Contact Information

Web Site: Braxted Reservoir
 PO Box 11208, Chelmsford, Essex, CM1 9TX.
 07840 881970

Broads Green

Run by Chelmsford Angling Association For tickets and membership contact Emma Phillips. This ¾ acre lake holds a very large head of Carp, including Crucians. The areas of overhanging trees produce well in the warmer months with floating crust and dog biscuits a popular bait. A floating maggot feeder will also attract fish from the surface. Other species including Rudd, Roach, Perch, and Gudgeon make this another popular venue. The water on the roadside bank is 20ft (6m) deep in places.

Crucian Carp, Carp, Roach, Rudd, Perch, Gudgeon

Contact Information

Web Site: Broads Green
 PO Box 11208, Chelmsford, Essex, CM1 9TX.
 07840 881970

Cants Mere

Run by Chelmsford Angling Association For tickets and membership contact Emma Phillips. Cants Mere at 3 acres is mainly a Carp Fishery with lots of fish in the 2-8Ib bracket. Double figure fish are present and it has been known of bags up to 400Ib can be taken if you get amongst the bigger fish. A great venue for Juniors or beginners or an angler who wants plenty of action. No need for bite alarm`s and boilies, a single rod and plenty of particles is all you need. A good head of Rudd & Perch to 2Ib make up the species present. Depths average 9-10 feet. Night fishing available with valid permit. Open for fishing 1st May.

Rudd, Perch, Carp

Contact Information

Web Site: Cants Mere
 PO Box 11208, Chelmsford, Essex, CM1 9TX.
 07840 881970

Chigboro Fisheries

Chigboro Fisheries comprises a 53 acre complex of lakes catering for both Trout and Coarse Anglers Within 40 Miles of London 3 Trout Lakes Boat and Bank Fishing Tuition & Tackle Hire 4 Carp Lakes Match Lake Complex Fishing Lodge

Trout, Catfish, Roach Rudd, Perch, Pike, Carp, Tench, Bream

Contact Information

Web Site: Chigboro Fisheries
 Chigborough Road, Maldon, Essex, CM9 4RE.
 01621 852113

Churchgate Lakes

Nestled in the undulating Essex countryside, Churchgate Lakes offers some of the finest fishing available in the country. Set amidst a stunning 20-acre estate, the fishery is comprised of four lakes, each heavily stocked with large fish and a diverse range of species all to Specimen size. The complex boasts an impressive anglers lodge which has panoramic views over the surrounding countryside. Offering the perfect environment to socialise and catch up on all the latest captures. The site is totally secure and is protected by CCTV

Wild Carp, Common Carp, Mirror Carp, Bream, Tench, Roach, Ide, Catfish, Perch

Contact Information

Web Site: Churchgate Lakes
 Rectory Lane, Battlesbridge, Essex, SS11 7QR.
 07798 902315

Churchwood Fisheries

Churchwood Fisheries, in Brentwood Essex, is a beautiful, tranquil day ticket fishery set within the owners private back garden. There are 3 lakes in total, Jenkins, Churchwood and the Cat Lake. The lakes are set within mature surroundings where fisherman can often watch the resident Kingfishers, muntjac deer along with various other wildlife. Churchwood Lake is approximately 2.5 acres in size. A maximum of 6 anglers are permitted although like Jenkins larger parties can be accommodated upon request. Carp to 30lbs+ are present with a good head of 20`s and many upper doubles. The original stock has been complimented over the past few years with some cracking scaly AJS stockies. In addition to this we have also added a number of faster growing strains from our stock pond which are achieving some excellent growth rates. One such example is a mirror we christened `Chucky` that was introduced at 18lbs. Within just two years this fish is now pushing 28lbs+ and looks set to one day be a very large specimen. Jenkins Lake is a little over 1 acre in size with average depths of 7-8 feet. Two anglers are permitted on the lake although larger parties can be accommodated on request. The lake contains some of the most stunning commons and mirrors you are ever likely to catch with several now nudging the 30lbs mark. There is a large head of 20`s with many upper doubles to back up the larger fish. Along with the mirrors and commons there are many other species of fish present. Surrounded by ancient bluebell woodland, this pretty little lake of just under an acre in size, holds a very impressive head of large Wels catfish (Silurus glanis). Situated within the woods, conveniently located behind the lodge, a spacious swim has been constructed to accommodate the two anglers that we allow at any one time. Back in 2008 the lake was drained, allowing us to remove the 4-5ft of silt that had accumulated over a number of years. There are now many features to find, gullies, gravel spots, deep holes and depths of up to 8ft. There are no real snags to speak off thus allowing the angler to enjoy and safely land the large cats that inhabit this lake.

Carp, Tench, Bream, Perch, Crucian Carp, Roach, Rudd, Catfish, Wels Eel

Contact Information

Web Site: Churchwood Fisheries
 Blackmore Road, Brentwood, Essex, CM15 0HZ.
 01277 375499

Clavering Lakes

Consisting of a specimen carp lake, a match lake and two silver fish lakes offering superb coarse and carp fishing. Well stocked with crucian, common and mirror carp, roach, perch, tench, rudd and bream. Our Specimen Carp Lake sits within 3.5 acres and has 40 swims. We have a fine reputation for providing carp angling. The Match Lake is heavily stocked with all species of coarse fish which includess bream, roach, tench, rudd, crucian carp and perch. All set within 2 acres. Our Silverfish Lake can produce 20lbs - 30lbs on a short session. If you check out our Lower Lake you`ll find a mixed coarse fishery. Excellent bags can be taken in short sessions.

Crucian Carp, Common Carp, Mirror Carp, Roach, Perch, Tench, Rudd, Bream

Contact Information

Web Site: Clavering Lakes
 Clavering Farm, Clavering, Essex, CB11 4RL.
 01799 550261

Coleman`s Cottage Fishery

Coleman`s Cottage Fishery Is a purpose built fishery set in open countryside in Little Braxted, near Witham, Essex on the bank of the River Blackwater, with easy access from Coleman`s Bridge on the nearby A12. The Fishery comprises of Five lakes, Copse Lake, Pathfield Lake, Wood Lake, Stepfield and Cottage Lake and a section of the River Blackwater, Our wide and varied fish stocks include an abundance of Carp, Tench, Roach, Rudd, Bream, Crucian Carp, Chub, Gudgeon, and Pike (in the river only). All the lakes are fishable on a day ticket, which is available at the lake, however we do recommend that you contact us in advance to ensure availability. The lakes are also available for club and match bookings and for corporate events etc. Facilities include, on site tackle shop, restaurant (fully licensed) and toilets including facilities for disabled anglers, we also have 5 electric hook up points for Caravans.

Carp, Tench, Roach, Rudd, Bream, Crucian Carp, Chub, Gudgeon, Pike

Contact Information

Web Site: Coleman`s Cottage Fishery
 Little Braxted Lane, Witham, Essex, CM8 3EX.
 01376 516383

Crow Green Fishery

Crow Green is a large fishery in Brentwood, Essex. The 30 acres of land boasts five lakes, heavily stocked with a wide variety of fish; everything from large carp and catfish, pike, rudd, roach, perch, tench, bream. The Match and Lily Lake can be booked for club bookings. Match dates can be seen on our match bookings page. We have a full facilities including toilets, vending machines and bait. Main Lake The main lake is heavily stocked with large carp and catfish. This is a lake for your more serious angler, as the carp go to 40lb and the catfish go to 85lb. Match Lake This lake is well stocked with rudd, roach, perch, tench, bream, chub and of course the carp family. Used for pleasure fishing and open to bookings for club matches. Lily Lake A mixed stock of fish in this lake

Carp, Catfish, Pike, Rudd, Roach, Perch, Tench, Bream

Contact Information

Web Site: Crow Green Fishery
 Days Lane, Brentwood, Essex, CM15 9SL.
 01277 375172

Crowsheath Fishery

Crowsheath Fishery is an award winning day ticket carp fishing lake situated in the heart of Essex on green belt land far away from passing traffic and busy towns. The lakes are set in a 110 acres of farmland, woodland and rolling countryside. The CCTV and on call 24 hour bailiffs provide peace of mind when you’re fishing. The fishery is well equipped with male and female toilets, showers and clean drinking water taps. We provide a transport service for our customers to take them to their swims at a small cost. There are three lakes at Crowsheath, the main 8 1/2 acre specimen carp and catfish lake stocking carp up to 42lbs with 7 known 30`s and plenty of 20`s too. There is a catfish lake holding the UK`s largest mandarin catfish which has tipped the scales at 72lbs previously. There is a pike lake stocking pike up to 22lbs which is perfect for lure fishing, live and dead baiting. Whether you`re a serious carp, catfish or pike angler or you want to enjoy a day with your family, Crowsheath`s facilities make it a fishery you will return to again and again.

Stocked fish: Carp, Catfish, Pike, Roach, Rudd, Perch, Tench

Contact Information

Web Site: Crowsheath Fishery
 Crowsheath Farm, Hawkswood Road, Billericay, Essex, CM11 1JT.
 07402 298218

Danbury Trout Lake

Run by Chelmsford Angling Association For tickets and membership contact Emma Phillips. Fly fishing only is available at this 1'/2 acre reservoir near Danbury, Set in beautiful wooded surroundings, the fishery is stocked regularly throughout the season with excellent quality rainbow trout from 1 lb to 2 ''/2 lbs with some over-wintered fish growing onto 3 lbs. The season runs from 1st April to 31st November. There is no catch and release, two fish bag limit per day, ten fish per week and 60 fish per season. There are 7 fishing platforms available and a chalet has been built for weighing your fish. Members are encouraged to help in running the fishery and several working parties are organised during the closed season. Angling is restricted to 50 permit holders per season at an additional charge of £60 plus £3 for a key to the fishery.

Ranbow Trout

Contact Information

Web Site: Danbury Trout Lake
 PO Box 11208, Chelmsford, Essex, CM1 9TX.
 07840 881970

Dodds Farm

Run by Billericay and District Angling Club, membership details below Access between 6am and 30mins after sunset only + no keepnets. Plenty of carp between 10-20lbs, good sized tench, and nets of silver fish. Short incline down to nearest swims from car park.

Carp, Tench, Silver Fish

Contact Information

Web Site: Dodds Farm
 PO BOX 2046, Billericay, Essex, SS12 9YW.
 0844 335 3978

Forty Acre Plantation Lake

Forty Acre Plantation fishing lakes (depths up to 16ft) are set in the peaceful surroundings of 132 acres of woodland. The main lake (3 acres) stocks a good range of fish, including Common Carp, Mirror, Barble & Cat Fish. Tickets Available: Day tickets - 7 days a week - 7am till 6pm £10 max. 2 rods or £15 for 3 rods Night Fishing Tickets - 7 days a week - 7pm till 7am £12 max 2 rods or £17 for 3 rods

Common Carp, Mirror Carp, Barbel, Catfish

Contact Information

Web Site: Forty Acre Plantation Lake
 Goatsmoor Lane, Stock, Essex, CM4 9RS.
 01277 653 258

Garnish Hall

Run by Becmain Angling Society, 48 Coote Road, Dagenham, Essex, RM8 3EA. Garnish Hall is Becmain Angling Societies newest find. The lake is 3 acres with a large island in the middle and a puddle bottom. Before it became a fishery it was an ornamental pond for the owners pleasure. The fish now include Carp to 19lb, Bream to 5lb, Crucian Carp, Roach, Rudd and Gudgeon. Garnish Hall can be fished only by members of Becmain Angling Society.

Carp, Bream, Crucian Carp, Roach, Rudd, Gudgeon

Contact Information

Web Site: Garnish Hall
 Margaret Roding, Chelmsford, Essex, CM6 1QL.
 0208 491 8786

Harwood Hall

Run by Becmain Angling Society, 48 Coote Road, Dagenham, Essex, RM8 3EA. Becmain Angling Society have managed the lake since 1964. The fishery is stream fed, one bank is owned by the Havering Council, and the other bank is rented by the club from a local estate with a members only section. The lake was desilted in 1966 and the silt trap where the stream comes in is desilted once a year. After the 1966 desilting the lake was restocked with Carp, Roach, Tench, Rudd and Bream. Harwood Hall is home to a wide variety of fish including Carp to 29lb and Pike to 32lb, the Pike however was not caught on rod and line but had tried to take fish from a keep net and was snagged on the net! Bream have been caught to 3lb, there are also Eels, Roach, Gudgeon, Chubb, Crucian Carp and Rudd. You might also see one of the Terrapins basking in the sun! Harwood Hall can be fished from dawn to dusk with a day ticket available from the bailiff on the bankside.

Carp, Roach, Tench, Rudd, Bream

Contact Information

Web Site: Harwood Hall
 Harwood Hall Lane, Upminster, Essex, RM14 2YF.
 0208 491 8786

Holyfield Fisheries Carp Lakes

Holyfield Bottom Lake is a specimen carp lake, with carp ranging from around 8lb up to 35.5lb. Including Tench up to 6.5lb, the lake itself is just under four acres with a silty bottom. The lake is well stocked with average sized Carp at around 20lb. Membership for this lake is available or day tickets can be purchased on the bank. Holyfield Top Lake restricted to members only at weekends and is for over 18's only. The present lake record is 33lb 4oz, with an average size of 15lb. There is also a good stock of Tench up to 4lb. The lake features two islands with mature trees surrounding. The bottom of the lake is clay with some weed and lilly pads. During the summer months, many of the fish are caught at the surface. Top and bottom lakes are both open 7 days a week. Holyfield Match Lake This lake opened in 2003 and is around one acre in size. Consisting of 12 swims, the lake is very well stocked with a range of fish including Roach, Rudd, Bream, Perch, Carp and Tench. This lake is open to beginners or experienced fishermen. Children are welcome but must be supervised by an adult. The lake is open seven days a week for day tickets or can be booked for private matches. Holyfield Fishery provides toilets, a cafe and 24 hour CCTV monitoring of the car parking area. We also often have some small home bred Carp and Tench available in our fish house.

Roach, Rudd, Bream, Perch, Carp, Tench

Contact Information

Web Site: Holyfield Fisheries Carp Lakes
 Fishers Green Lane, Waltham Abbey, Essex, EN9 2ED.
 01992 768012

Lake John Fishery

Lake John Fishery is one the most reputable fisheries in Essex, and has been quoted by the Angling Times as the premier silver fish venue in the south of England established in 1992 Lake John comprises of two lakes both mixed fishery’s. Top lake is two and a half acres of water and has a varied fish stocks with a good stock of carp, the biggest carp topping the scales at 46lb 4oz’s with plenty of bream and tench to keep the roach and the rudd company and even perch have topped the scales at over 4lb. Bottom lake is a smaller more secluded lake only 14m wide and set up more of a match style water but again a mixed fishery with plenty of good sport to be had, this is a truly great place to catch to your hearts content, all set in the peace and quiet of the Epping Forest on the very edge of Hertfordshire, Essex and London boarders.

Carp, Bream, Tench, Roach, Rudd, Perch

Contact Information

Web Site: Lake John Fishery
 2 The Nightingales Aimes, Waltham Abbey, Essex, EN9 2BJ.
 07958 938152

Lakeland Fishery

Lakeland Fishery is an established natural fishery set in 15 acres of unspoilt Essex countryside. Boasting three lakes, Wood and Lily Lakes are ideal for match and day ticket fishing with 21 decked pegs on each lake. Both lakes are stocked with a wide variety of quality British fish. Our beautifully maintained lakes are perfect for pleasure fisherman. An idyllic, peaceful setting teamed with wildlife. We offer excellent disabled facilities including a disabled toilet and easy access to most swims. We have ample car parking spaces and are not too far from the A12 or the M25 links. We also offer Swan lake our syndicate water which is a 5 acre lake stocked with British carp up to 40lb

Common Carp, Mirror Crap, Crucian Carp, Brown Carp, Bream, Tench, Rudd, Roach, Perch, Barbel, Chub, Gudgeon

Contact Information

Web Site: Lakeland Fishery
 Wickham Bishop Road?, Hatfield Peverel, Essex, CM3 2JL.
 01245 380416

Micklem Mere

Run by Chelmsford Angling Association For tickets and membership contact Emma Phillips. Chelmsford Angling Association has acquired a long term lease on this 7 Acre Lake in 2013 Recently run as a trout syndicate. Members fly fishing have reported being smashed up by “monster carp” it is believed to hold approximately 200 carp. Sizes are unknown but carp to 30lb are rumoured. If you want to fish a lake that has real mystery to it then this is the lake for you. Please note that the current trout syndicate are still fishing the lake and we are not permitted to be over this lake until the current lease expires. We will be holding work parties on this lake once we take it over. Please keep an eye on the website and Facebook details. The lake is due to open for fishing on the 1st of May. Night Fishing is available with the Tufnell and Folly Ticket


Contact Information

Web Site: Micklem Mere
 PO Box 11208, Chelmsford, Essex, CM1 9TX.
 07840 881970

Mill Barn Coarse Fishery

If you are looking for Coarse fishing in Essex, then look no further than MILL BARN COARSE FISHERY. A five lake complex set in the peaceful Wakering countryside in the South East corner of Essex. This idyllic Essex coarse fishery was established over 25 years ago, growing from the original members lake, it now boasts 159 swims offering something for everyone. Whether you enjoy Carp fishing, Pleasure fishing or Match fishing, you and your family will find it all here at Mill Barn. Each lake has its own unique character, and moods, which always keeps the angler guessing what they will catch next. Stocking levels are such that even during the coldest months, you can be sure the rods will always have a nice curve in them. Carry a lot of gear? No worries as there is car parking adjacent to all lakes which means you only have a few yards to walk to your choice of swim. Memberships are always available with no waiting list, however the complex is never crowded, you can always be sure you can find a swim that suits exactly what you want. Regular matches are held througout the year, and are open to both members and non-members. If you are new to match fishing, and would like to join in but not sure where or how to start, this is the ideal venue. Regular members who fish the matches are always keen to help out, with optional pools money to suit everyone.

Carp, Roach, Rudd, Skimmers, Bream, Barbel, Perch

Contact Information

Web Site: Mill Barn Coarse Fishery
 Halfway House, Great Wakering, Essex, SS3 0BX.
 01702 216170

Nazeing Meads

Three large settlement lagoons for the Lee Flood Relief system totalling 125 acres plus Brackens Pool, a small enclosed gravel pit of 2.5 acres. Both the main lagoons and Brackens Pool are typical gravel pits containing numerous underwater features. Further information from Fisheries Office, Holyfield Hall Farm Stubbins Hall Lane, Crooked Mile (B194), Waltham Abbey, Essex EN9 2EG

Carp, Bream, Tench, Chub, Eels, Pike

Contact Information

Web Site: Nazeing Meads
 Meadgate Road, Nazeing, Essex, EN9 2PB.
 01992 892291

Newland Hall Fishery

The Newland Hall Country Estate is situated 4 miles west of Chelmsford, Essex. It consists of a large picturesque 15th century Tudor Manor House with a moat, beautiful gardens and over 100 acres of grass and woodland with four superb fishing lakes surrounded by unspoilt countryside. Recently fully refurbished Newland Hall is a premier wedding venue catering for exclusive wedding ceremonies and receptions. The four fishing lakes at Newlands total approximately 10 acres. They are all very well managed, very tidy and are heavily stocked. There is ample close by parking, toilets and drinking water. The Brook Lake is pegged for 50. It is heavily stocked with common and mirror carp up to 30lb, roach and tench. The lake is ideal for carp, match or pleasure fishing. The Moat Lake is pegged for 30. It is very heavily stocked with common and mirror carp and roach. The average size of fish is smaller than the Brook Lake, which makes it perfect for both match and pleasure fishing. Match winning weights regularly exceed 300lb (see angling press). The Park Lake is pegged for 15. It is stocked to a similar density to the Moat Lake with a high density of carp and roach, and therefore is perfect for pleasure fishing and small matches. The Moat Lake, Brook Lake and Park Lake are available for day and night fishing, they are also bookable for matches. We do not book individual swims for day and night tickets; this is operated on a first come first served basis. The Osiers Lake is a members only specimen carp water.

Common Carp, Mirror Carp, Roach, Tench

Contact Information

Web Site: Newland Hall Fishery
 Newland Hall, Chelmsford, Essex, CM1 4LH.
 01245 231010

North Benfleet Hall Fishery

Open 7 days a week, 12 months a year! Day and night tickets available. All ages, abilities and families welcome. North Benfleet Hall is an excellent and well documented 5 acre lake attracting specimen anglers, match anglers and families alike. North Benfleet Hall is a well established and productive mixed fishery and aims to provide anglers with an exceptional fishing experience. Set in 7.5 acres of tranquil Essex country side it is hard to believe you are only 5 miles from Basildon, 2 miles from Benfleet, 10 minutes from Chelmsford with good links to main roads. Nowhere else can you find somewhere so beautiful yet so close and easily accessible. With a magnificent mix of fish weighing up to 30lb, North Benfleet Hall does not disappoint. We are open 12 months a year, 7 days a week with both day and night tickets available.

Common Carp, Mirror Carp, Ghost Carp, Ide, Bream, Tench, Roach, Rudd

Contact Information

Web Site: North Benfleet Hall Fishery
 Hall Road , Wickford , Essex, SS12 9JR.
 07790 845358

Norton Fishery

A trout farm and fly-fishery established in 1995 with on site tackle/snacks shop, licensed bar, rest areas and inside toilets (including disabled). Secure parking for 30 plus vehicles. Various fishing tickets available (full day, 6 hour, 4 hour and evening) including Novice Tickets and Catch and Release only with savings for members - All tickets allow catch and release.


Contact Information

Web Site: Norton Fishery
 Stapleford Tawney Trout Farm, Stapleford Tawney, Essex, RM4 1ST.
 01708 688 525

Oak Lakes Fisheries

There are four lakes - all are well stocked with healthy, well developed fish. Pipe Lake is a member`s only lake and Oak Lake, the Predator Lake and the Match Lake are all available for day and night fishing. Oak Lake is 60 years old, so it's very well established, and fishing is by day or 24 hour ticket. Ranging from 14 feet deep to just 3 feet at the shallowest parts, it has gravel bars where the fish rise to feed. There are 26 swims, including six double swims and two disabled access swims. Pipe Lake is the members only lake with 11 swims – 4 doubles and 7 singles (including two with disabled access). The Lake caters for up to 35 members and there is currently a waiting list so why not add your name. This 3 acre lake has a good head of Catfish and Pike. Cats to over 140lbs and Pike to 30lbs. There are 5 large swims for the Catfish anglers but Pike anglers can fish all round the lake. The lake is open for day and night fishing. Catfish fishing is from 1st April to 30th September and Pike fishing is from 1st October to 31st March. You must book for catfish fishing and we accept multiple day bookings and bookings for the whole lake. This 2.5 acre lake has 20 comfortable swims, 3 islands and depths of 5 to 6 foot mainly. It is heavily stocked with Carp, Crucian Carp, Bream, Tench, Roach and Rudd. The lake is available for single day tickets and group bookings.

Common Carp, Mirror Carp, Linear Carp, Koi Carp, Tench, Roach, Rudd, Perch, Bream, Gudgeon, Crucian Carp, Koi Carp

Contact Information

Web Site: Oak Lakes Fisheries
 Burnham Road, Southminster, Essex, CM0 7BJ.
 07771 896964

Parsonage Farm Reservoir, High Easter

Run by Billericay and District Angling Club, this is a 3-acre reservoir producing catches of roach, rudd and skimmer bream, with 20lbs totals quite common in summer. There are also large tench and perch. Tench 8lbs, perch 4lbs. Short walk up a steep bank to nearest swims.

Roach, Rudd, Skimmer Bream, Tench, Perch

Contact Information

Web Site: Parsonage Farm Reservoir, High Easter
 PO BOX 2046, Billericay, Essex, SS12 9YW.
 0844 335 3978

Pea Lane Fishery

Run by Becmain Angling Society, 48 Coote Road, Dagenham, Essex, RM8 3EA. Pea Lane was acquired by Becmain Angling Society in 1989. Formerly a gravel pit for construction of the nearby M25 it had good potential for fishing. Becmain carried out extensive work to the lake including creating swims, planting trees and an initial stocking of roach, bream, tench, carp, and perch. Since then the fish have matured to produce Bream to 12lb, Carp to 28lb, Tench to 10lb, Perch to 4lb and Roach to 2lb. Day tickets: £7.00 1 rod, £10.00 for 2 rods (£15.00 for 3 rods bailiffs permission required). Please check with bailiff for opening and closing times, Thursday is our early closing day, and this will be a 5pm close or earlier depending on the time of year.

Roach, Bream, Tench, Carp, Perch

Contact Information

Web Site: Pea Lane Fishery
 Dennises Lane, Upminster, Essex, RM14 2XB.
 0208 491 8786

Puddledock Farm Fishery

Puddledock is only 2 minutes from the M25 and conveniently located between the towns of Upminster, Brentwood and South Ockendon. Puddledock is a particularly flat site making access for the elderly and disabled easy. All swims have a slabbed platform for comfortable fishing. In recent years a 60 seater cafe and modern ladies, gents and disabled toilet facilities have been added. The owners at Puddledock always strive to keep a clean and tidy well kept site with friendly staff who do their best to advise when asked. The four lakes at Puddledock have been created to offer a good mix of species offered in varied habitat.

Carp, Bream, Tench, Chub, Roach, Crucian, Brown Goldfish, Rudd

Contact Information

Web Site: Puddledock Farm Fishery
 St Marys Lane, Upminster, Essex, RM14 3NX.
 07788 716837

Redbridge Fishing Lakes

Redbridge Lakes; the home of some of the best coarse fishing and match fishing lakes in the UK. Located in the heart of Essex, Redbridge Lakes offers a unique service to the avid fisherman. Be they a competitive match fishing junkie or just a coarse fishing fan, taking the family out for a days fishing, Redbridge Lakes has something for everyone. There are many features on offer at Redbridge Lakes; some of which have never before been seen on any coarse fishing or match fishing lake. We have spent a lot of time analysing what you, the fisherman want from a coarse fishing lake and we hope that we have delivered your needs for you here.


Contact Information

Web Site: Redbridge Fishing Lakes
 1 Salix Lane, Woodford Green, Essex, IG8 8LY.
 020 8551 5663

River Pant, Shalford

Run by Billericay and District Angling Club. There are some very good holes on the many bends but fishing is not easy in the summer due to the overgrown banks and gin clear water. This is a primarily a winter fishery and holds a good head of chub to 3lbs, quality dace, roach and Brown trout. Itis best fished after a period of rain when beginning to fine down. The mill pool is fishable all season.

Chub, Dace, Roach, Brown Trout

Contact Information

Web Site: River Pant, Shalford
 PO BOX 2046, Billericay, Essex, SS12 9YW.
 0844 335 3978

River Roding

Run by Billericay and District Angling Club. A half-mile stretch which is very suitable for the roving angler. It includes several feature swims, including a 3-metre deep pool, unusually deep for the Roding. Chub 4lbs, perch 3lbs, barbel 3lbs. Medium walk across field, then some steep banks

Chub, Perch, Barbel, Roach, Chub, Dace, Gudgeon

Contact Information

Web Site: River Roding
 PO BOX 2046, Billericay, Essex, SS12 9YW.
 0844 335 3978

River Stour, Henny Street, Sudbury

Run by Billericay and District Angling Club. The fishing on this mile long stretch is not considered easy, but it can yield excellent specimens. Of particular mention are several shoals of bream which reach 10lbs each. Night anglers tell us they have success with chub up to 6lbs, and the river also holds tench, perch, dace, rudd and roach. The stretch is perhaps the Club’s best pike fishery, with multiple catches possible in the winter. Small barbel were stocked into our stretch some years ago, part of an ongoing programme by the E.A. to increase the numbers of this species in the whole river. Pike 21lbs, Chub 6lbs, bream 10lbs. A stile by the parking area, then a flat walk to the nearest swims on the river. Night Fishing Allowed.

Chub, Tench, Perch, Dace, Rudd, Roach, Pike

Contact Information

Web Site: River Stour, Henny Street, Sudbury
 PO BOX 2046, Billericay, Essex, SS12 9YW.
 0844 335 3978

River Wid, Writtle

Run by Billericay and District Angling Club. This mile-long stretch is a recent acquisition to the Club, and contains all of the features of a small river, with alternating pools and shallows, and a weir pool at its upstream limit. The predominant species is chub, which have been caught over 4lbs, and with roach and dace provide the usual sport. There are also bream, tench, carp, pike and barbel reported to be present in this stretch. During the winter of 2009/10 the E.A. started to undertake flood relief work on our stretch, which may assist with accessibility on some swims, whilst causing others some time to settle after the disruption. . Gate key required. No night fishing. No dogs

Bream, Tench, Carp, Pike, Barbell, Chub, Roach, Dace

Contact Information

Web Site: River Wid, Writtle
 PO BOX 2046, Billericay, Essex, SS12 9YW.
 0844 335 3978

Rockells Farm

Situated in the heart of the Essex countryside Rockells Farm is home to a 3 acre lake that is heavily stocked with Carp,Tench and lots more.


Contact Information

Web Site: Rockells Farm
 Duddenhoe End, Saffron Walden, Essex, CB11 4UY.
 01763 838053

Shalford Reservoirs

Run by Billericay and District Angling Club, membership details below. Situated next to our River Pant stretch, these two small, popular ponds contain carp, crucians, tench, rudd, chub, and roach. Carp 15lbs, roach 2lbs. Medium flat walk from car par

Carp, Crucian Carp, Tench, Rudd, Chub, Roach

Contact Information

Web Site: Shalford Reservoirs
 PO BOX 2046, Billericay, Essex, SS12 9YW.
 0844 335 3978

Southminster Fisheries

Run by Billericay and District Angling Club, membership details below. This was the Club`s first purchase in the 1970`s and much time and effort has been spent on its improvement since. To maintain water levels, we have built a lagoon to hold clean water legally abstracted from a nearby stream and fill up each pit in the spring. Careful management of the fish stocks has enabled us to place most of the heavier carp in the three largest of the eight pits on this site, with all holding roach, rudd, tench and perch, and some bream. The parking area with a toilet block for ladies and gentlemen is centrally placed on this water. Night fishing is popular here, as shops and takeaways are within a few minutes` drive. Carp 31lbs, bream 11lbs, tench 8lbs. Parking very close to two pits with short walks to others.

Carp, Roach, Rudd, Tench, Perch, Bream

Contact Information

Web Site: Southminster Fisheries
 PO BOX 2046, Billericay, Essex, SS12 9YW.
 0844 335 3978

Straits Mill, Braintree

Run by Billericay and District Angling Club, membership details below. We have developed this site over the past 40 years, especially after buying the freehold in the 1980’s. Since then we have excavated a swamp area into another lake, and suffered the occasional flooding into the lakes of the adjacent River Blackwater. As well as a good head of carp, the main lake is known for its large tench, to which we have added a further restocking of smaller fish recently. Roach, bream, rudd and perch are present, and we have also stocked stillwater chub. This is one of the Club`s main pike waters. Carp 28lbs, tench 10lbs, pike 15lbs, perch 3lbs, bream 6lbs. Lake perimeters flat and firm, short incline down from car park.

Carp, Tench, Roach, Rudd, Perch, Bream, Pike

Contact Information

Web Site: Straits Mill, Braintree
 PO BOX 2046, Billericay, Essex, SS12 9YW.
 0844 335 3978

The Warren Fishery

The Warren Fishery comprises three very different lakes which can be fished on a day ticket, season ticket or as a member. We also have a fourth lake but this is for members only. The Main Lake of The Warren is an old, but nicely matured andpicturesque gravel pit. Although approximately 28 acres in size it'snot just one sheer, featureless expanse of water. It's broken up bynumerous islands, channels, reed beds and little secluded bays.Under the surface there are lots of alluring features too, which arejust crying out to be fished. There are numerous gravel bars,humps & tabletops, big gravel plateaux, deep silt pockets whichthe bloodworm thrive in, and lily pads. The depths range from 2ft to10ft+ in places, depending a lot on water levels and time of year. The Square Lake - This lake, as the name suggests, is square in shape and about 2 acres in size. It used to be joined to the Main Lake but was separated a few years ago in order to create a lake to hold a large head of Carp. The intention was to create a 'runs water'. Over the years it has been stocked with the smaller Carp (under 15lb) from the Main Lake and although there are lots of them in there, they are putting on weight. The biggest one in there is around the 29lb mark and there are also quite a few twenties. The average weight of Carp is probably 10 - 12lb, but there are a good head of upper doubles present. Match Lake - Although this lake is known as the Match Lake it is now designed for pleasure anglers to come down and have a good days' fishing. The lake is 2.5 to 3 acres in size and has 31 pegged swims, which in the near future are going to be rebuilt to make many of them fully accessible. Most of the swims around the lake have reed cover which holds fish, and it gives a feature to fish to. The Tench lake is for members only.

Catfish, Mirror Carp, Common Carp, Roach, Rudd, Bream, Chub, Pike, Perch, Crucian Carp

Contact Information

Web Site: The Warren Fishery
 Wharf Road, Stanford-le-Hope, Essex, SS17 0EG.
 Not Available

The Willows

Run by Chelmsford Angling Association For tickets and membership contact Emma Phillips. There has been ongoing work to the willows since we purchased the water to go with our flag ship water Boreham Mere.There have been many transformations including the security fence and new gate making willows a very secure water to fish for all the family. The silver fish have thrived since they were stocked by CAA and matches are now won with better weights as time progresses. Willows continues to go from strength to strength as with all CAA waters provide some of the best night fishing in Essex. Designated swims for disabled anglers close to the car park. Toilet on site. Night fishing available with valid permit. Open for fishing 1st May

King Carp, Bream, Chub, Tench, Eels

Contact Information

Web Site: The Willows
 PO Box 11208, Chelmsford, Essex, CM1 9TX.
 07840 881970

Timberland Fishery

Timberland Fishery is a relatively new coarse fishery on the western edge of Harlow, currently consisting of 5 lakes. As you enter the fishery, day tickets must be bought from the tackle shop, which stocks essential tackle and baits including maggots, worms and ground baits. Open until 4.00 p.m. daily. Opposite the tackle shop is the Timberland Cafe, which is now open lunchtimes during the week - closed on Monday - and open from 10.00 a.m. - 3.00 p.m. at weekends

Carp, Bream, Rudd, Perch, Tench, Crucian Carp, Barbel, Chub

Contact Information

Web Site: Timberland Fishery
 Flex Meadow, Harlow, Essex, CM19 5UA.
 01279 454528

Tufnell Mere

Run by Chelmsford Angling Association For tickets and membership contact Emma Phillips. This 17 acre lake was leased by CAA in 1984. It has an irregular shore line, giving good natural protection from wind. Depths vary from 3 to over 20 feet, giving good sport in all weather conditions. In 2009 we are lucky enough to have two new Head Bailiff's join the fisheries Managment team, Ian Reynolds and Adam Thacker backing up the bailiffs already on Tufnell Mere. Ian and Adam tell me they have some good ideas to put in place at Tufnells which could take a season or two to implement. There will be regular working parties going on through out the season so please keep a look out for signs in case the water is closed . This last year a pike of 27Lb has been caught

Rudd, Roach, Bream, Tench, Carp,?Perch, Pike

Contact Information

Web Site: Tufnell Mere
 PO Box 11208, Chelmsford, Essex, CM1 9TX.
 07840 881970

Valence Moat

Run by Becmain Angling Society, 48 Coote Road, Dagenham, Essex, RM8 3EA. Valence Moat is situated in a populated area and provides many local young anglers their first fishing experiences. The lake has always been put to good use as a breeding pond for Roach, it also holds Carp to 14lb, Tench to 4lb, Roach and Rudd to 1lb 8oz. There are also Crucian Carp, Gudgeon and Eels. Valence Moat can be fished from dawn to dusk with a day ticket available from the bailiff on the bankside.

Carp, Tench, Roach, Rudd , Crucian Carp, Gudgeon, Eels

Contact Information

Web Site: Valence Moat
 Becontree Avenue, Dagenham, Essex, RM8 3HR.
 0208 491 8786

Wicks Mere

Run by Chelmsford Angling Association For tickets and membership contact Emma Phillips. Wicks Mere - 6 Acres With six carp over 30lb and Pike to 25lb this is an attractive environment that greets the angler as he arrives at the car park located at the top of a track leading down to this excellent fishery. Parking space for disabled anglers (max. 4 cars) has been made available at the bottom of the track. Average depth is 10 feet (max. 20 feet). This lake is stocked with Rudd, Roach, Bream, Tench, Carp to 37lb and Perch. Pike are also showing with confirmed reports of these predators being caught in excess of 25 lb., although the general size being 3-12 lb. Wick Mere has shown a tremendous improvement over the past few seasons and Bream (2lb.-5lb.) show particularly well during the summer months. Tench show less well although there is a large stock of them between 2lb.-6lb.. Carp in excellent condition and strength put in a good appearance with fish caught ranging from 5lb. to 20lb. Roach and skimmers making a come back with occasional specimen Roach approaching 2lb being caught. Night fishing available with valid permit. Open for fishing from 1st May

Rudd, Roach, Bream, Tench, Carp,Perch, Pike

Contact Information

Web Site: Wicks Mere
 PO Box 11208, Chelmsford, Essex, CM1 9TX.
 07840 881970

Willow Mere

Run by Billericay and District Angling Club, membership details below. This is a 1.5 acre lake with established swims, good depths, and protection from the wind. It holds a good mixed stock, including roach, rudd, perch, tench, pike, bream, chub, carp, and brown goldfish. Carp 35lbs, pike 15lbs, brown goldfish 5lbs. Very short walk from grassed parking area, and flat banks to nearest swims. Once on the fishery members must keep to the bank side not wander round the surrounding land at the request of the owner. Members should only fish from constructed swims as some banks are quite steep.

Roach, Rudd, Perch, Tench, Pike, Bream, Chub, Carp, Brown Goldfish

Contact Information

Web Site: Willow Mere
 PO BOX 2046, Billericay, Essex, SS12 9YW.
 0844 335 3978

Willowside Lakes

Here at Willowside we also maintain two well stocked fishing lakes with a good range of Carp (some of 22lb +) Roach, Rudd and Bream. Tickets are available to cover Day Fishing, Night Fishing and 24 hour fishing though please note that anyone on the lakes will be considered to be fishing and liable to pay. However if you are staying in one of our holiday cottages you may fish the lakes free of charge during your stay with us. Please remember though that you will need a rod licence under the law to fish these waters. If you require any more information than is available on our website please do not hesitate to contact us. Day Fishing £5 24 Hour Fishing £15

Carp, Roach, Rudd, Bream

Contact Information

Web Site: Willowside Lakes
 Picks Farm, Chingford, Essex, E4 7RA.
 020 8529 1371

Windmill Lakes, Mountnessing

Run by Billericay and District Angling Club, membership details below. Since the Club took over these four lakes they have become extremely popular. Previously a day ticket complex known as Millennium Lakes, they are stocked very heavily with a wide variety of species. The lakes are in pairs a third of a mile apart, with easy access and parking at each site. At the first location there are two lakes, each of around one acre, stocked with tench, bream, carp, perch, and plenty of roach and rudd. Each swim has a metal platform, with most fish being caught close in. At the other location is a small, wooded lake, containing a large head of carp. Very close by here is a larger lake which contains carp, rudd, roach, tench, and bream. The popularity of these lakes is due to their proximity to the A12 and M25, particularly convenient to members in East London and North Kent. Carp 26lbs, tench 9lbs, bream 9lbs. Short walks from each car park to nearest swims.

Tench, Bream, Carp, Perch, Roach, Rudd

Contact Information

Web Site: Windmill Lakes, Mountnessing
 PO BOX 2046, Billericay, Essex, SS12 9YW.
 0844 335 3978

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