What has Blues Lake got to offer?

Well the lake is roughly 2 hours travelling time from Calais and is around 7 acres in size. It is a fully mature lake with probably an oak tree in every swim. The main body of the lake has a large island at one end and numerous lily pads dotted around, the second part of the lake is long and `P` shaped, it is joined to the main lake by means of a large cut through, thus allowing free movement for the fish. We have made ten swims on the lake but only a maximum of 6 anglers are allowed, this allows free movement for anglers if they wish to change swims or if they wish to go stalking, we like to think we have given anglers a choice.

We approached our new lake in a manner that gives anglers good quality fish with the least amount of restrictions; we hope to give anglers a holiday to remember and the chance to catch that fish of a lifetime.