Churchwood Fisheries, in Brentwood Essex, is a beautiful, tranquil day ticket fishery set within the owners private back garden. There are 3 lakes in total, Jenkins, Churchwood and the Cat Lake. The lakes are set within mature surroundings where fisherman can often watch the resident Kingfishers, muntjac deer along with various other wildlife.

Churchwood Lake is approximately 2.5 acres in size. A maximum of 6 anglers are permitted although like Jenkins larger parties can be accommodated upon request. Carp to 30lbs+ are present with a good head of 20`s and many upper doubles. The original stock has been complimented over the past few years with some cracking scaly AJS stockies. In addition to this we have also added a number of faster growing strains from our stock pond which are achieving some excellent growth rates. One such example is a mirror we christened `Chucky` that was introduced at 18lbs. Within just two years this fish is now pushing 28lbs+ and looks set to one day be a very large specimen.

Jenkins Lake is a little over 1 acre in size with average depths of 7-8 feet. Two anglers are permitted on the lake although larger parties can be accommodated on request. The lake contains some of the most stunning commons and mirrors you are ever likely to catch with several now nudging the 30lbs mark. There is a large head of 20`s with many upper doubles to back up the larger fish. Along with the mirrors and commons there are many other species of fish present.

Surrounded by ancient bluebell woodland, this pretty little lake of just under an acre in size, holds a very impressive head of large Wels catfish (Silurus glanis). Situated within the woods, conveniently located behind the lodge, a spacious swim has been constructed to accommodate the two anglers that we allow at any one time. Back in 2008 the lake was drained, allowing us to remove the 4-5ft of silt that had accumulated over a number of years. There are now many features to find, gullies, gravel spots, deep holes and depths of up to 8ft. There are no real snags to speak off thus allowing the angler to enjoy and safely land the large cats that inhabit this lake.