Peacock Pool is the smallest of the three pools but still has plenty to offer even the established angler.

With an island that runs right the way down the centre of the lake there is opportunity for a wide range of fishing techniques to be used from every peg.

The large quantity and variety stocked here ensure the Peacock Pool gives a quality days fishing.

Pheasant Pool – With a large expanse of water covering in the region of 2 acres with a depth at places of over 12 feet these waters are home to some sizeable carp.

This specimen pool has the largest fish and has been known to provide serious weights making it popular for club matches as well as specialist carp anglers.

With large grassy verges running alongside each bank the pheasant pool is also the most suitable for night fishermen.

The Heron Pool is largest of the three lakes.

This lake is the one generally used for the Elmbridge Fishery Open Contests as well as private club bookings due to the large match weights it produces.

This lake is very popular so booking early is a must.