Penlake is probably the most popular of our lakes. In the summer of 2017 the record of 372lb was caught in a five hour match. At about five feet deep around the sides and dropping down to nine feet in the centre, margin fishing works best. Penlake has distinct reed beds and a central island giving plenty of features.

At nearly two acres in size Broomhill is similar in character to Penlake with it’s central island and reed beds. At about four feet deep at the reed beds and eight feet in the centre, with plenty of shrubbery and overhanging willows. Fishing in the margins or up against the island or reeds is a favoured technique.

Situated at the furthest edge of the fishery, there are trees and bushes as a nice back drop, with plenty of bank cover. Bridge holds a good head of ghost carp, with mirrors and commons running up to twenty pound.

Reddings is our newest lake with a heavy stock of small carp, ranging from two inches to nine pound. There are no big fish in here and no other species, except a very few trench. Completely open water, six feet deep throughout with a flat even bed.