The front lake is situated on the corner of Todd Cresent and Newman Drive, Sittingbourne, Kent. The Front Lake varies from 3-4ft in depth. We have 20 Pegs and a Disabled access Peg on this lake alone. This Lake has a stock of Pike up to 15lbs, Perch up to 4lbs, Carp up to and over 20lbs, Roach up to 2lbs, Tench up to 8lbs, Ghost Carp up to 15lbs, Bream up to 7lbs, and Rudd up to 2lbs. Our anglers recommend pellets, sweetcorn, maggot and lobworm as bait to catch most breeds of fish. Why not try something new and let us know if your bait works!

The Back Lake is situated in the church marshes, behind Walsby Drive Sittingbourne There are a few ways to get to us but best looking at google maps. This Lake ranges from 14ft to 16ft in depth, with a hole in the middle to 22ft. We have up to 20 pegs on this lake with disabled access peg also. We have had 5 pegs renewed on 15th May 2011. It has a stock of Carp up to and over 30lbs, Pike up to 30lbs, Roach up to and over 3lbs, Chub up to 5lbs, Tench up to 10lbs, Bream up to 9lbs, and Perch up to and over 4lbs. Our anglers recommend fishing with a ledger or method feeder on this lake due to the depth.