Run by Billericay and District Angling Club, membership details below.

This was the Club`s first purchase in the 1970`s and much time and effort has been spent on its improvement since. To maintain water levels, we have built a lagoon to hold clean water legally abstracted from a nearby stream and fill up each pit in the spring. Careful management of the fish stocks has enabled us to place most of the heavier carp in the three largest of the eight pits on this site, with all holding roach, rudd, tench and perch, and some bream.
The parking area with a toilet block for ladies and gentlemen is centrally placed on this water. Night fishing is popular here, as shops and takeaways are within a few minutes` drive.
Carp 31lbs, bream 11lbs, tench 8lbs.

Parking very close to two pits with short walks to others.